Shower Proof Speakers

shower proof speakers

Shower Proof Speakers

When it comes to having a great experience in a steam shower, one addition that is always appreciated would be having the option of music. With the high amounts of moisture, steam and water, it is extremely important that any speakers that are mounted in a shower are placed properly and are the correct type for the job. Standard speakers will not last long in such an environment, so it is essential that ones specifically rated for this type of environment are purchased.

There are number of different things to look for when purchasing the speakers. Even if a speaker is labeled as water resistant for waterproof, this does not mean that it will work in the shower properly. Purchasing speakers that are specifically labeled as shower speakers or steam shower speakers is recommended.

The materials that are used in the construction of the speakers should be of the best quality. Cones that are made out of thinly plated Kevlar will provide excellent sound policy. The platform for the cones should be made out of flexible neoprene and include silicone seals. If just a single speaker is going to be added to the shower, there should be two different cones so the best quality of sound is produced.

If additional speakers are going to be added in the bathroom or other rooms, wireless speakers may be a good choice. With these, there is usually an option to add multiple speakers to the same system. They are extremely portable, so they can be taken from the bathroom to another area in the house.

Once the speakers have been chosen, the installation work can be done. This is an important step. If the placement of the speakers is incorrect, then the quality of the sound system may not be that great. Also, if the speakers are not correctly placed and sealed, water can get into the housing and cause damage to the speakers themselves. Water may also then be able to get behind the speakers to the walls of the shower. If there is any doubt as to the installation, it is always best to seek out professional advice. Many times, if purchasing speakers at a higher end audio store, there will be associates that are able to do custom installation for an additional fee. With these installations, it is always best to ensure that a warranty is provided on the equipment as well as the workmanship. This will give the homeowner peace of mind in knowing that quality work was performed and the company stands behind their installation.

Relaxing in the steam shower or taking a soak in the hot tub can be much more enjoyable with the addition of music. Adding speakers directly in the shower or having speakers in additional areas of the bathroom can be a great addition and can also increase the resale value of the home. It is important that the correct speakers are chosen and installation is done correctly.

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